Boost Biotics

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Product Description

Boost Biotics is a potent, nutrient-rich formula that contains 13 strains of the lactobacillus family to provide the body’s cells, digestive system and immune system with the building blocks to help them function more effectively.

Boost Biotics is:
– Certified Organic
– Made from fermented whole foods making them an easily absorbable source of nutrients
– Made up of 13 strains of lactobacillus bacteria that work in harmony together to balance the bacteria in the digestive system
– Contains 20 essential amino acids for health and vitality
– Contains 72 Omni Minerals – an exclusive organic colloidal mineral complex which has been peer reviewed for their positive effects on longevity, immune system modulation, detoxification of heavy metals and numerous other attributes
– Rich in vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes, Boost Biotics delivers nutrients at a cellular level to help the body heal itself.
RRP: $79.95

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