Boost Biotics – The new certified organic fermented probiotic superfood is now in store!

Want to boost your immune system?  Having some digestive problems?  Boost Biotics has been developed specifically for New Zealanders to provide a daily boost of essential vitamins and minerals, digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics to help nourish our cells, balance our digestive system and energise our mind and body.
Boost Biotics is also available online – just click here to order.

Testimonial: Maureen – Tairua, New Zealand

I used to suffer from digestive problems such as acid reflux, heart burn and excessive burping. My gut flora was so out of balance. After two weeks of regularly taking this probiotic superfood I found that I did not need to take the prescribed pharmaceutical drug Losec any longer. I also can say that I have been taking this probiotic formula for eight years and have not had one sick day in the whole eight years. I find my immune system is very strong and has been able to resist even the common cold.